"We're Special Commando Advanced Recon, aren't we? SCAR troopers don't need stairs."
―Sergeant Kreel[src]

Special Commando Advanced Recon Troopers,[3] also known as SCAR troopers[2] and the project known as the SCAR program,[3] were elite stormtroopers in the military forces of the Galactic Empire. According to Rebel General Crix Madine, they were afforded an unusual degree of autonomy, and were deployed in small squads led by a sergeant.[3] One such unit was Task Force 99, which consisted of a squad of SCAR troopers led by Sergeant Kreel.[2] One of their battles with the rebellion was when they were alerted to the rebel presence on Crait.[4] Each member of a unit specialized in different tactics.[3]

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