A special missions company was a formation of the Imperial Army.


Special missions companies were comprised of three special missions platoons, and an augmented scout platoon, plus command and support elements. The company totalled one hundred and sixty-four personnel, one hundred and thirty-six of whom were combat personnel. The augmented scout platoon was actually smaller than a standard scout platoon, with twenty-two men divided into four scout lances, plus a lieutenant and sergeant major. Each bike was modified to carry extra munitions and spare parts.[1]

If missions for special missions companies were expected to be short, the support element was not deployed. When operating on a hostile planet, special missions companies were drop-supplied from orbit.[1] Special missions companies could be augmented with the addition of two more special missions platoons, and two repulsorlift platoons.[2]

Order of Battle organizational chartEdit

Special missions company organization
Special missions company organizational chart on the Imperial Army Order of Battle


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