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"Can't believe it! We just took down Salarr. Black Sun won't forget that anytime soon. We lost some good soldiers, but this victory gives their deaths meaning."
―Sergeant Nidaljo[src]

The special tactical unit was a police special forces team of the Coruscant Security Force (CSF) that operated during the era of the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the reconstituted Sith Empire. Special tactical units were composed of CSF police officers and Republic soldiers, and were meant to give military grade tactics and weapons to the police as a bridge between them and the military. One particular unit's goal was to fight back against the Black Sun gang, and it was placed under the command of CSF Sergeant Nidaljo. In the aftermath of the planet Coruscant's sacking and brief occupation by the Empire, chaos and near anarchy overwhelmed the already exhausted and depleted ranks of the CSF. The newly formed Black Sun gang attained sufficient armament and strength to allow them to take over several sectors of Galactic City. Nidaljo's unit was sent in to fight back against the gang. Around 3643 BBY, Nidaljo's unit was involved in a raid on the Black Sun Headquarters, during which four police officers were wounded and seven killed. However, with the assistance of a Jedi Knight, they were able to infiltrate the headquarters and kill Black Sun's leader, Salarr.


"There's a special tactical unit in Black Sun Territory. Experienced security officers who have been fighting those gangsters for months."
―Agent Galen[src]

The special tactical units were police special forces teams of the Coruscant Security Force (CSF) that sought to bridge the gap between the overwhelmed and outgunned street police officers and the unavailable Republic Military. The units were composed of both tactical-trained police and Republic soldiers, and were given extra heavy weapons. They were placed under the command of a CSF sergeant.[1]


Nidaljo: "I'll go with you—but I won't ask my men to follow."
Corporal: "You don't have to. The Jedi's right. We can't let those scum beat us."
Soldier: "Count me in. Always wanted to fight alongside a Jedi."
―Nidaljo and his men agree to help[src]

At the end of the Great Galactic War in 3653 BBY,[3] the Galactic Republic capital of Coruscant was sacked by the Sith Empire, and the attack left the planet reeling. The CSF had sustained massive causalities as a result of the attack and occupation, leaving its ranks severely thinned. In the aftermath of the Imperial withdrawal and the start of the Cold War between the Republic and the Empire, riots exploded all over Coruscant. The outnumbered CSF police officers fell back to secure vital government districts and infrastructure. Eventually, the Republic Military was called in to restore order.[4]

Sergeant Nidaljo and his special tactical unit

However, large sectors of Galactic City had been seized by gangs such as the newly formed Black Sun syndicate who kept the beleaguered and embittered police from making any meaningful advances. The Galactic Senate reduced its funding of the CSF, and Republic Military forces were withdrawn to more important areas. While calls came for the militarization of the CSF, most police officers disagreed with the move, as their goal was to keep the peace, not to fight a war.[4] To provide the CSF with an increase in firepower against Black Sun, a special tactical unit was assigned to Black Sun's claimed territory. Composed of both CSF officers and Republic soldiers, the special tactical unit was placed under the command of CSF Sergeant Nidaljo with the goal of providing increased firepower and support for the police officers fighting Black Sun thugs.[1]

Around 3643 BBY,[2] the special tactical unit received instructions from Republic Strategic Information Service Agent Galen to attack the Black Sun Headquarters in the Lower Gangland to help rescue the kidnapped Planet Prison superweapon designer, Doctor Eli Tarnis. However, the initial assault ended in disaster for the unit, as it sustained eleven casualties, with six dead and five wounded. The CSF erected a barricade and dug in to wait for support. Help came in the form of a Jedi Knight who cleared away the Black Sun members attacking the barricade, and then spoke with Nidaljo. During the conversation between the Knight and the Sergeant, another of the unit's men—Jorin—died, bringing the death toll to seven. Jorin's death was the last straw for Nidaljo, who believed their situation was hopeless.[1]

However, the Knight continued to speak to Nidaljo, inspiring and urging him not to give up. His resolve restored, Nidaljo agreed to move forward with the attack. The Knight also encouraged the rest of the tactical unit, with Nidaljo's Corporal and another soldier being the first to offer their support toward a renewed attack. While Nidaljo readied his men, he told the Knight to take down the base's main security network from the front entrance. The CSF would then attack the back entrance once the network was down, and the two teams would rendezvous inside. The Knight fought through the Black Sun members into the headquarters and succeeded in disabling the base's security system, signaling Nidaljo's men to launch their assault.[1]

The tactical unit was able to breach the area and, together with the Knight, located Black Sun's leader, Salarr. Though he tried to fight, Salarr was defeated and killed. The team discovered that Doctor Tarnis had, in fact, been a Sith Lord and was in league with Black Sun. In amazement at what had been accomplished, Nidaljo and his men thanked the Knight for the assistance. Despite their victory, Nidaljo knew that his men could not hold the base successfully, as they were too far in Black Sun's territory. However, the police officers rigged the area to explode before leaving the headquarters.[1]

Notable members[]


"We can't hold this position, but we'll leave some surprises for Black Sun before we go."


Nidaljo was a Human male sergeant in the CSF during the Cold War. In the aftermath of the Sacking of Coruscant and Black Sun's rise to power, the special tactical unit composed of CSF police officers and Republic soldiers was formed with Nidaljo as its commanding officer. The unit's goal was to give the CSF a better edge in fighting Black Sun. However, ten years after the Sacking of Coruscant, the CSF had made little progress, frustrating both Nidaljo and his men. Nidaljo and his men were sent into Black Sun's territory to assist in retrieving Republic scientist Doctor Tarnis. During the fighting, Nidaljo lost four of his men, and seven others were killed. With his remaining forces surrounded, Nidaljo saw little prospect of escape and felt embittered by the seeming futility of the fight with Black Sun. When the Jedi arrived to help, Nidaljo and his men rallied to break through Black Sun's forces. The skirmish resulted in the death of Black Sun's leader, Salarr. With this blow to Black Sun, Nidaljo felt a renewed sense of purpose, and, though unable to retain possession of the territory, he and his men set about the task of setting up booby traps for Black Sun.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The special tactical unit appeared in Star Wars: The Old Republic, a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG) by BioWare released on December 20, 2011, as part of "The Rescue" Jedi Knight class quest. The player can choose not to rally Nidaljo and his men or mind-trick them into joining and subsequently receive dark side points for the latter option.


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