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A group of sentients from various species (and a droid), witness the Hosnian Cataclysm through sub-hyperspace, from Takodana Castle on Takodana

A species was a group of living organisms capable of interbreeding. The galaxy and its many planets were teeming with diverse species, with members of a species sharing a fixed set of observable biological characteristics. Some species were sentient, capable of intelligent thinking, while others were not,[1] with more than twenty million sentient species in the galaxy.[2]



Species whose body plan resembled that of humans were referred to as humanoid.[3] Species included humans,[4] near-humans[5] and aliens.[6] According to Lugubrious Mote, most sentient species in the galaxy were about the same size, ranging in height between about half a meter to three meters.[7]

Classification and Intelligence[]

Classification of species included amphibians,[8] birds,[9] felines,[10] insects,[11] mammals,[12] mollusks,[13] reptiles,[14] reptomammals,[15] rodents,[16] snakes[17] and spiders.[18]

Kindalo[19] and drengir[20] were plant[21] based sentient species.

Wirutid[11] were a fungus based sentient species.

Fish[22] were Non-sentient.

Some species like the Zillo Beast,[23] Purrgil[24] and Mairan[25] were Semi-sentient.

Life cycle[]

Reproduction was how species created new life.[26]


Species breathed oxygen,[27] methane and ammonia.[28] They needed to breathe,[29] drink water,[30] eat food[31] and sleep.[32]


Species were not capable of surviving in the vacuum[33] of space (except for some species) or underwater[34] (except for amphibians), and were vulnerable to cosmic radiation,[35] poisons,[36] toxins,[37] diseases[38] and could die.[39]

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