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Noa Briqualon wearing spectacles

Celia "Crimson" Durasha: "-he'll just kill us both, take the ship, and be done with it. That's what my 'vision' tells me."
Kaj Nedmak: "Well, maybe you need glasses, then."
―Celia "Crimson" Durasha and Kaj Nedmak[src]

Spectacles, also called eyeglasses or simply glasses, were a primitive way of augmenting one's sight, consisting of two small discs made of visually corrective lenses which were placed in front of one's eyes.

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C-3PO wearing spectacles as a disguise

Spectacles were rare, as advanced surgery and cybernetic implants were more efficient in many ways. Yet a few individuals used spectacles. Noa Briqualon, who was stranded on Endor for many years, used spectacles,[1] as did Saun Dann[2] and unidentified patrons in bars on both Roon[3] and Aduba-3.[4] C-3PO stole the spectacles from the Roon bar patron and wore them as an attempt to disguise himself from Bisad Koong's henchmen.[3] Nuvo Vindi, a scientist working for the Separatists, also possessed spectacles, although he used them only occasionally.

Vago the Hutt used spectacles on occasion.[5] Wald, the X-wing pilot, also wore spectacles.[6] Orman Tagge,[7] Korkeal Hai,[8] Retter Lewis[9] and Garindan[10] used goggles. Tatooine's Prefect Eugene Talmont was nearsighted, but refused to wear spectacles due to vanity. The Dulok shaman Umwak created his special glasses to find a way through Arbo Maze; however, he didn't see a thing in them.[11]

Sullustan forger Magar Jaros corrected his defective vision with computerized magnifocals, which were similar to a pince-nez.[12] The human forger Battz wore a pair of spectacles in which one eye had a special magnification lens.[13]

Darnada, a Dug Black Sun Vigo, wore a monocle. This was a corrective lens that was worn over only one eye, and was often more of a status symbol than a practical accessory.[14] Gorga the Hutt wore a similar type of spectacles while he served on the Hutt Ruling Council.[15]

Captain Telettoh also wore spectacles, as early as 3963 BBY.[16]

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