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Speeder bike SWCT

An Imperial 74-Z speeder bike

Speeder bikes, also known as jumpspeeders, were open-air repulsorlift vehicles that emphasized speed and maneuverability over stability. The Jedi used the Undicur-class jumpspeeder, which proved popular with civilians.[1] Another civilian speeder bike was the Joben T-85 speeder bike, used by the Jedi Kanan Jarrus.[2]

The Clone Wars saw the development of the CK-6 swoop bikes for use in cold climates,[3] as well as combat speeders designed for the Separatist warlord General Grievous.[4]

The Imperial speeder bike lineage could be traced to the BARC speeders used during the Clone Wars.[5] Imperial forces used the 614-AvA speeder bike until it was phased out by the 74-Z.[6]

Speeder bikes were sometimes a target for theft. Merei Spanjaf, a teenage girl living on Lothal, owned a jumpspeeder that could fit into a speeder van. She normally wore a helmet and goggles when riding it.[7]

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