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A 74-Z speeder bike

"He can't possibly know how to fly one safely."
"Well, safety ain't the point of a joyride, Threepio."
C-3PO and Han Solo, after Paploo steals a speeder bike[1]

Speeder bikes, also known as hover bikes, were open-air repulsorlift vehicles, usually carrying one or two passengers. Speeder bikes emphasized speed and maneuverability over conventional speeders and were popular with thrill-seeking teenagers and military scouts. A typical speeder bike had a maximum altitude of 10 meters (32 feet) and could thus maneuver deftly over very rough terrain. Some companies manufactured extras like sidecars for speeder bikes.


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Aurebesh writing on Aurra Sing's speeder bike says "LET'S GO ALREADY".

A Gran and a Devaronian race against each other on speeder bikes

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