"I met Dave Prowse (the original Darth Vader) at a Comic-Con seven years ago. We shook hands, had a little stare at each other and six years later the hat passed over to me - or mask should I say? It was 40 films in before I got that job. They weren't just going to stick any tall guy in there. I went to several auditions, very secretive. I didn't even know who I was really auditioning for, just a big guy. He was a real immense character, Darth Vader, and you just let him take over you."
―Spencer Wilding[3]

Spencer Lee Wilding (born July 26, 1972) is a Welsh actor and stunt performer who portrays Darth Vader alongside Daniel Naprous in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.[4] He is also notable for playing the werewolf form of Remus Lupin in the 2004 film Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, the Ice Warrior Skaldak in the Doctor Who episode "Cold War", and the White Walker that stalks the Night's Watch in the Game of Thrones episode "Winter Is Coming" (sharing the role with fellow Star Wars actor Ian Whyte, while fellow Star Wars actor Bronson Webb plays the one survivor of the encounter).

Wilding went through a series of auditions for the role, during which he had to sign a non-disclosure agreement. His first three auditions were self-tapes, and he didn't know what production it was for or who the character was going to be. His final audition took place at Pinewood Studios, during which he got to try on Vader's costume for the first time. Wilding shares the role with Daniel Naprous, with Naprous doing the fight scene at the end of the film, and Wilding doing all the other scenes.[5]

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