The Sphere of Imperial Intelligence, also known as the Pyramid of Imperial Intelligence, was one of twelve Spheres of Influence of the Sith Empire. Headed by a Dark Councilor, the Sphere was responsible for overseeing the main Intelligence operations of the Empire.


The Sphere of Imperial Intelligence was one of the twelve original spheres of influence. Historically, it oversaw various analytical and espionage departments, particularly the semi-autonomous Imperial Intelligence agency. The agency was led by a minister, who reported directly to the councilor that occupied the sphere.

Darth Jadus was the head of the Sphere before his faked death. Upon his disappearance, he was removed from its head and replaced by his daughter and apprentice, Darth Zhorrid.

In the aftermath of the Star Cabal Crisis, Imperial Intelligence virtually fell apart. Along with the assistance of the Dark Council and Cipher Nine, Darth Zhorrid reorganized the crumbling organization into Sith Intelligence, which, unlike its predecessor, was controlled by Zhorrid directly, as opposed to being an independent ministry.



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