The Sphere of Military Offense, also known as the Ministry of Military Offense, the Pyramid of Military Offense, and the Office of Military Offense, was one of twelve Spheres of Influence of the reconstituted Sith Empire. Headed by a Dark Councilor, the Sphere was responsible for directing the Imperial Military on campaigns of conquest, and the Sphere of Military Strategy advised the Sphere on matters of strategy.


Darth Vengean was succeeded as head of the Sphere by Darth Baras during the Cold War. With the death of Baras by the hands of the Emperor's Wrath, Darth Arho inherited the Sphere and was responsible for the assault on Ilum.[1] By 3637 BBY, Darth Arkous held the position on the Council, but was secretly a Revanite. His machinations culminated in the assault on Tython before being defeated on Rakata Prime in the campaign against the Revanites.[2]



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