The Sphere of Mysteries, also known as the Ministry of Mysteries and the Pyramid of Mysteries, was one of the twelve Spheres of Influence of the reconstituted Sith Empire. Publicly, the Sphere was responsible for the protection of Imperial secrets and dangerous lore that should not be shared. Followers, such as Lord Anathemos, would scour the galaxy in search of holocrons and other sensitive data to lock away. The Sphere was also covertly responsible for the management of assassins and the removal of high-risk targets to the Empire. The Sphere was led by one of the twelve members of the Dark Council, and during the Great Galactic War the head of the Sphere was Darth Ekkage. Ekkage was famous for her command of the Red Legion, but she was captured during the war and imprisoned on Belsavis. During the Cold War, Darth Rictus was head of the Sphere. Due to the secretive, and often bloody, work of the sphere, the upper echelons of imperial society nicknamed the organization as the Assassin's Pyramid. Out of all of the other Spheres of Influence, the Sphere of Mysteries was the most covert and secretive. As a result, most citizens of the Empire were not even aware of what the Sphere's true responsibilities were.



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