The Spice Runners of Kijimi were a gang of spicerunners that operated from Kijimi in the New Republic Era.


"You were a spice runner?"
"You were a stormtrooper? We can do this all day.
―Finn and Poe Dameron[3]

The Anzellan droidsmith Babu Frik served as a member of the gang. Poe Dameron had joined the Spice Runners[4] when their ship crashed on Yavin 4[2] during his adolescence.[4] Dameron worked with Vigilch, Gen Tri, Tomasso, Marinda Gan, and Zorii Bliss during his time with the group.[2]


The trap at a summit[]

"This isn't a meeting to form alliances, is it? It's a trap. And we're the ones pulling the trigger."
―Poe Dameron, to Zorii Bliss[2]

When the group's then leader, Zeva Bliss, planned to kill rival criminals during the Kijimi summit, having invited them under the guise of making alliances, Dameron and EV-6B6 betrayed the Spice Runners. Though Dameron was unable to defeat Bliss and was overpowered, her daughter, Zorii, came to Dameron's aid and helped him fight. Zorii offered that they work together to defeat her mother and take control of the Spice Runners, but Dameron decided he no longer wanted to be a criminal.[2] He instead decided to return home,[4] but Zorii would rise to take control of the Spice Runners.[1]

Occupation of Kijimi[]

"We're trying to find Babu Frik."
"Babu? Babu only works for the crew. That isn't you anymore."
―Dameron and Bliss[3]

Bliss on Kijimi during the First Order occupation.

During the Resistance mission to Kijimi, Dameron as went to see if there were any First Order patrol officers. Seeing that the whole village was under First Order control, the Resistance tried to avoid running into any stormtroopers. Just as they were clear, a gun was pointed to Poe's head. Bliss told him that he was stupid to come back and displayed annoyance with his decision to leave the smuggling group and was convinced to help them. Bliss then led them to Babu Frik, the legendary droidsmith, as the Resistance needed to unlock forbidden translations in the systems of C-3PO. Bliss and Dameron left the room while Frik was working, and spied on First Order operations from the roof of the workshop, talking about how the occupation changed things. Poe made an offer to Bliss for her to join them, which she declined.[5]

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