Spice eels were giant sand and rock burrowing worms native to Sevarcos II. Their average length was 15 meters, but some old specimens were known to grow beyond 30 meters in length and 5 meters in height. Their bodies were ridged with powerful sediments to facilitate their underground burrowing, while their mouths consisted of several molars allowing them to burrow through rock.

In their early life stages they lived in the underground pools of Sevarcos, and after a series of metamorphoses at various stages in their life, they would take the shape of giant worms, burrowing through the porous substrata of Sevarcos II. They were blind and relied instead on pressure sensitive organs in their heads that allowed them to hear fairly well and to locate vibrations indicating potential meals. This made them very sensitive, and they were fairly easy to scare off with sonic detonators and other powerful explosives.

Spice eels were often attracted to the activities in the Imperial spice mines on Sevarcos II, and it was not uncommon that spice eels wreaked havoc during such mining operations. Spice eels were hunted by the Human Sevari tribes for food.


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