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Spice spiders were members of a species of spider that could be found on Aaloth,[2] Taul,[1] and allegedly on Kessel.[3] Their webs were pure glitterstim.[2] At some point prior to the Battle of Takodana, a group of droids stranded on Taul were ambushed by a swarm of spice spiders. Security droid PZ-99 then sacrificed himself to save the rest of the droids, of which only one would make it off the planet.[1] According to Fugas Fandita, the spiders in the Spice mines of Kessel were supposedly attracted to light and could sense motion and fed on unwary miners.[3]

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Spice spiders were created based off of concept art by Ralph McQuarrie,[4] which was also the basis for the krykna[5] and the knobby white ice spider.[6]


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