A Spiderclan Stalker

"There is and can be only one clan of Nightsisters. This rogue clan that has taken up with the spiders... they are as great an annoyance as their pets."

The Spiderclan were a splinter group of Nightsisters located in the Nightspider Cult cave on the planet Dathomir during the Galactic Civil War. They were known for keeping giant spiders as their slaves and were the archenemies of the benevolent witches of the Singing Mountain Clan.

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"As if one clan of Nightsister were not trouble enough, now this rogue group has begun to gain power and influence."
Aujante K'lee[src]

The Nightsisters themselves were a group of rogue Witches of Dathomir who chose to embrace the dark side of the Force several centuries before the Galactic Civil War.[1] Through time, internal divisions appeared amongst the Nightsisters, and several competing clans were born.[2]

A Spiderclan member alongside a gaping spider

One of those new covens was the Spiderclan, whose members came to inhabit a cave close to the lands of their most hated foes, the Singing Mountain Clan. They lived there with large gaping spiders as companions. The enslaved creatures helped their mistresses with such things as daily chores and guarding the cave. The Sisters of the Spiderclan revered a giant spider they called the "Queen Mother". The Matron of the coven was considered the voice of the Queen Mother.[3]

The witches of the Spiderclan were unanimously detested on Dathomir—the Nightsisters considered them to be heretical abominations, and the benevolent covens saw them a threat to be removed. Both sides were known to have called outsiders for help in their crusade against the rogue Spiderclan sisters.[3]

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