"Quills! I didn't know there were any of you Spiners left in the Galaxy."
―Han Solo[src]

Spiners were nearly-extinct bipedal sentient mammals with sharp quills. They were capable of hurling these with great speed and accuracy by flexing their muscles in a certain manner. Their native world, Worxer, was destroyed when its sun went supernova. The surviving population gradually became sterile for a lack of nutrients found exclusively in their home sector of Elrood.

Biology and appearance[edit | edit source]

"I kinda hoped you'd be different… But I don't even see your gun."
"My name is Hedji… And I never use one."
―Han Solo and Hedji[src]

Spiners were covered in stiff barbed quills, the longest of which grew on the arms and legs, and could reach a length of several centimeters. Spiners possessed the unique ability to propel these quills by simply flexing specific muscles, which could propel the quills with incredible speed and accuracy up to ten meters away.

Spiner quills themselves were extremely hard, as shown by Hedji when he attacked and killed a High-hound, as well as several Cloud-Riders—lending to the quills' ability to pierce skin, clothing, and light armor with sufficient force as to kill.

Spiners additionally had extremely quick metabolisms, and were capable of spontaneously growing more quills as needed; a Spiner could easily expend hundreds of quills during the course of a fight. Spiner names included Briss, Devik, Fifter, Firril, Jerrid, Meejen, Prikler, Toira, and Yaff.

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