Spinner family

Members of the Spinner family laboring in Eorm

The Spinner family was a Lost Tribe family that lived on the planet Kesh. As all members of the Sith tribe, the Spinner family was Force-sensitive. They were the descendants of Ermon Parrah, one of the first members of the Tribe to be cast out for attempting to steal the Omen and return to the galaxy. As punishment, Parrah and all his descendants were condemned to spin a cord that would reach the skies.

If they succeeded with this task, they would be re-admitted into the Lost Tribe. Since such a feat was physically impossible, Parrah's descendants remained impoverished for millennia and lived in the port town of Eorm overlooking the Southern Ocean. Subsequently, they became known as the Spinner family due to their occupation as tailors and seamstresses. Even when the Lost Tribe descended into anarchy during the millennium-long Time of the Rot, the Spinner family still fervently adhered to this edict.

One known member of the Spinner clan was Parlan Spinner, a Sith anarchist who rebelled against the Tribe. He rejected his birth name Parlan in favor of the alias "Death Spinner." Spinner became the leader of a gang of outlaws known as Spinner's Web. By 2974 BBY, Spinner attracted the attention of the Sith authorities particularly Prefect of Police Takara Hilts. Following his capture, Grand Lord Varner Hilts decided to give Spinner a second change.

This set in motion a chain of events that saw the emergence and demise of the ancient Dark Jedi Remulus Dreypa. Following Dreypa's rebellion, Spinner's fortunes changed when he became elevated to the status of celebrity for saving the Tribe. Spinner also developed a romantic relationship with his former adversary Takara Hilts. It is unknown if the remainder of the Spinner family had their status rehabilitated.



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