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Spira was a popular resort world of beautiful beaches. It had a low axial tilt, which gave it a large temperate zone over much of its surface.


Spira was first colonized around 1000 BBY. It was the sector capital of the Lytton sector. A popular tourist destination, it possessed 4,527 luxury hotels some thirty years before the Battle of Yavin.

It lacked any dangerous land fauna and flora on its many islands, and the number of nautical dangers was also low, even though there were some dangerous animals like the Galub slug and the camray eel. The relatively safe tropical environment made the planet one of the leading water sports resorts in the galaxy within easy reach of the Core Worlds.

It was speckled with literally thousands of islands, which in the day of the Old Republic were inhabited by rich and famous civilians, but were occupied by members of the Imperial elite during the Galactic Civil War. Apart from holidaying Moffs, governors, officers and the like, Imperial presence on the planet was scarce. There was an Imperial garrison there, but they were mostly servants to the holidaying Imperial top men rather than imposing the will of the Emperor.

In accordance with the New Order, there were hardly any non-Human residents on the planet. Those that were there, were typically employees doing very menial tasks.

Spira was officially governed by the Tourist Guild. The guild had made a deal with the Empire, allowing only passenger ships, supply shuttles and Imperial vessels to enter and exit the system.

During the reign of the New Republic, Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors planned to take a vacation on the planet's beaches, following the resolution of the Battle of Yavin 4 in 12 ABY.



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