"Wait…"Starfleet"? Did you just say "Starfleet"? Are Kirk and Spock going to show up next?"
"I don't even know what Kirk and Spock are!"
―Two Whills discussing Kirk and Spock[src]

Spock was a being noted alongside Kirk by the two members of the Whills, having been mentioned by the first in some relation to a "Starfleet." The other Whill responded that they did not know who Kirk and Spock were.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Spock (dark blue shirt) in a panel of Dark Force Rising 3.

Spock is a reference to the character Spock from the Star Trek franchise. Spock is a male Human/Vulcan hybrid and science officer who worked alongside Captain James T. Kirk.[source?] Spock had already appeared as easter egg in the Star Wars Legends comic Dark Force Rising 3, the third issue of the adaptation of the novel Dark Force Rising.[2]


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