This article is about the sporting blaster pistol. You may be looking for the sporting blaster rifle.

The sporting blaster or sporting blaster pistol was a blaster variant that came in pistol and rifle types. These light weapons were often used by those of noble heritage, who preferred a more elegant alternative to the uncivilized standard blaster.


A long-range sporting blaster.

These thin-barrelled blasters were designed for use in firing ranges and small-game hunting. The weapons were also sometimes used for duelling.[1] They were light and easy to carry. Sporting blasters had a shorter range and packed less power than a standard blaster, though they had the advantage of being more affordable, and required less bureaucratic hassle to obtain.

Sporting blasters were often associated with the galaxy's rich and powerful, who wanted a blaster for personal protection, but didn't like to be seen with a cumbersome, awkward blaster rifle. More rugged sporting blaster models were also used for game-hunting, hence the name. The reason for the nobility carrying sporting blasters lay in the fact that most models could be quickly and easily broken down into three parts and then put back together for transport.


The elegant sporting blaster pistols were used by the Royal Handmaidens of Naboo, who were an exclusive security force of young women charged to protect the elected Queen of Naboo.[3]

The availability of sporting blasters over other types of blaster weapon made them popular among members of the Rebel Alliance; Leia Organa herself often carried a Drearian Defense Conglomerate Defender sporting blaster during missions for the Rebellion.[2]



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