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"This is the Springhawk. We don't lose battles. Not to anyone. Guaranteed."
Mid Captain Samakro[2]

The Springhawk was a heavy cruiser of the Chiss Ascendancy navy that was commanded by Senior Captain Mitth'raw'nuruodo. After the Vagaari pirate operations, command of the ship was temporarily taken away from Thrawn, though he regained control soon after.[2] Command of the Springhawk was relinquished by Thrawn after being exiled by a Chiss military tribunal.


Flagship of Thrawn[]

The Springhawk was a Chiss heavy cruiser used during[2] the later years of the Republic Era.[4] Command of the ship was given to Mid Commander Mitth'raw'nuruodo shortly after a politically charged situation in which Thrawn brought the Ascendancy into a conflict at the planet Solitair between the Lioaoi and the Garwians. Syndic Mitth'urf'ianico was very surprised by this turn of events. He believed that either Supreme General Ba'kif or Supreme Admiral Ja'fosk was behind it, but he also thought that someone in the Mitth family was also helping Thrawn, most likely the Patriarch himself.[2]

Vagaari pirate operations[]

The ship participated in the Vagaari pirate operations, after which Thrawn was relieved of command. Ufsa'mak'ro was given command of the ship, which pleased the Ufsa family, as the Springhawk had built itself quite a reputation under Thrawn. Some months later, after the Attack on Csilla, Thrawn was given command again and Samakro was made first officer. The ship was sent to attack the Paataatus homeworld with Picket Force Six. It was then sent to investigate who had attacked Csilla.[2]

Discovering the Nikardun[]

The Springhawk's search for the Csilla attackers first led the ship to a quadruple star system, where they found a Paccosh refugee ship derelict and adrift. They examined the bodies of those who had been on the craft in Ready Room Two. They backtracked it to the Paccosh homeworld of Rapacc, which they found to be under a blockade of unknown warships. After three days of observation, the Vigilant rendezvoused with them. Admiral Ar'alani and Captain Thrawn devised a plan to investigate an abandoned mining station in the Rapacc system's asteroid field.[2]

As the Vigilant made a flyby in the outer system, the Springhawk hid in its sensor shadow, slipping away in dark mode while the Vigilant led the blockade ships away. Captain Thrawn and Caregiver Mitth'ali'astov left for the station in a shuttle a few hours after their arrival. They found the station's systems shut down, but no damage, suggesting an orderly withdrawal from the facility.[2]

Nikardun campaigns[]

After the defeat and capture of Yiv, the Springhawk was involved in the Nikardun campaigns, a campaign to eliminate the remnants of the Nikardun Destiny. After coming under false attack by the Paataatus Hiveborn above that species' homeworld of Nettehi, the Springhawk helped liberate that planet from subjugation by Nikardun remnants.[1]

Preventing a Chiss civil war[]

Thrawn uncovered a plot to drag the Chiss into civil war. The Springhawk played a major role in foiling that plan at the skirmish above Hoxim.[1]

Grysk incursion[]

"Generalirius? […] A new ship has arrived. Unknown configuration"
Vassal Two[3]

The Springhawk as well as a number of other Chiss warships participated in a mock battle at Sunrise, luring the Whetstone and a Grysk fleet into a trap.[source?]

Commanders and crew[]

The Springhawk was commanded by Senior Captain Thrawn. Its first officer was Mid Captain Ufsa'mak'ro "Samakro" and its second officer was Senior Commander Plikh'ar'illmorf "Kharill".[2] Crew included:

Position Title/rank Individual Core name Reference
Commanding officer Senior Captain Mitth'raw'nuruodo Thrawn [2]
First officer Mid Captain Ufsa'mak'ro Samakro [2]
Second officer Senior Commander Plikh'ar'illmorf Kharill [2]
Weapons officer Senior Commander Chaf'pri'uhme Afpriuh [1]
Sensor officer Mid Commander Elod'al'vumic Dalvu [1]
Helm officer Mid Commander Ieklior Ieklior[5] [3]
Helm officer Lieutenant Commander Tumaz'mor'diamir Azmordi [2]
Plasma sphere specialist Lieutenant Commander Laknym Laknym[5] [1]
Communications officer Lieutenant Commander Brisch Brisch[5] [1]
Caregiver N/A Mitth'ali'astov Thalias [2]
Sky-walker navigator N/A Che'ri Che'ri[6] [2]

As a result of the Vagaari pirate operations, Thrawn was temporarily relieved of command of the Springhawk. At that time, Samakro served as the commanding officer and Kharill as first officer. However, at the time of the attack on the Paataatus, Thrawn was reinstated as the Springhawk's commander, thus placing Samakro as first officer and Kharill as second officer.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The Springhawk first appeared in Star Wars canon in the 2020 novel Thrawn Ascendancy: Chaos Rising, the first installment of Timothy Zahn's Ascendancy Trilogy.[2] The ship originated in Legends in Zahn's 2006 novel Outbound Flight.[7]


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