Spy Girls is a story by Ryan Kaufman from Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Volume 7. It features Padmé Amidala, Sheltay Retrac, Gregar Typho, Bail Organa and C-3PO. Pencils and inks are by Stewart McKenny.


Padmé Amidala, Bail Organa, Sheltay Retrac, Captain Typho, and C-3PO walk into an elegant gala hosted by Bezz Drexx, who Organa suspects of accepting Separatist bribes. Separating from the rest of the group (much to Typho's chagrin), Amidala and Retrac begin to mingle, hoping to gain more information into the matter. Noticing that Drexx is being pulled over by Separatist leader Passel Argente's uncle, Amidala and Retrac follow, ignoring C-3PO's plight at the hands of an overzealous droid lover. Climbing up the stairs, the two women dispose of their dresses to reveal bodysuits, prepared for action.

Disposing of several guards using various means, the two reach Drexx's tower. They must split up when they find a split end, and Amidala ends up finding Drexx, about to accept a case of gold from Argente's uncle. Amidala's camera is spotted by the pair, who promptly send their guards after her. Tricking the burly men with her weak, feminine appearance, Amidala escapes into a speeder piloted by Retrac. Back in Organa's apartment, they are pleased to find that the incriminating video can be used to punish Drexx for his betrayal. It's only when C-3PO is credited for his help that a look of horror pass their faces: the droid has been left to suffer with the droid lover from the previous night.


Behind the scenes[]

  • This story was originally intended to be an Anakin/Padmé adventure, with a plot similar to Mr. & Mrs. Smith, where the protagonists accept assignments (from Palpatine and Bail respectively) that bring them into conflict with one another, though they would be costumed and each wouldn't know the other was involved.
  • The final story was originally set to be located on Bezz Drexx's homeworld.

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