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"Squad Goals" is a comic story featuring Rey and Poe Dameron. The story was written by Michael Moreci, illustrated by Arianna Florean, and published in Star Wars Adventures (2017) 31 on March 18, 2020.[1]

Plot summary[]

Rey had wanted to fly an X-wing starfighter her entire life. While she lived on the planet Jakku she used to scavenge them.

As a member of the Resistance Rey finally has the opportunity to fly an X-wing and to be trained by Poe Dameron. Dameron used to be trained by Wedge Antilles and he promised to train Rey very hard. They arrived at the Moon of Kyzring for a training exercise, which was loaded with the energy-rich mineral, carnium. Asteroids surrounded the area around the moon as a result of years of mining from the Mining Guild.

Rey was not amused with the task but Dameron had more for her. But then his X-wing broke down. With the help of BB-8, Dameron brought his starship back online. Dameron showed Rey that there were buzz droids located on the asteroids. The buzz droids were used to break down the asteroids but they would also attack and destroy ships.

Their training exercise began and they raced off. They travelled through asteroids and made tight corners. Dameron's X-wing continued to malfunction but BB-8 was fixing the problems. Rey tried to help Dameron by diagnosing the problems but Dameron realized he had a larger problem to deal with.

Buzz droids had gotten onto his x-wing. He ordered Rey to leave but Rey also had buzz droids on her ship. But Rey closed her s-foils and destroyed the droids. But the buzz droids continued to destroy Dameron's ship. In order to help Dameron, Rey used The Force to concentrate and shoot at the asteroids around Dameron. The asteroids then rammed into the buzz droids, destroying them.

Dameron thanked Rey for rescuing him and they both agreed to end the training exercise. Rey told him that even though he wants everyone to be prepared, he also can't do it himself. She told him that she learned that from Luke Skywalker.


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Notes and references[]

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