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"Squad One, prepare to charge!"
―Lok Durd[src]

Squad One was a squad of forty-eight B1 battle droids and eight B2 battle droids in the Separatist Droid Army that were under the command of the Neimoidian General Lok Durd. They accompanied Durd to the planet of Maridun to test the Neimoidian's new artillery weapon, the defoliator, which when detonated could destroy all organic matter in the weapon's blast radius but leave mechanical objects, like the battle droids, unharmed. Soon after arriving at the planet and setting up the base camp, Durd carried out a successful first test of the defoliator using a pair of B1 battle droids, which Squad 1 witnessed. Lok then took Squad 1, along with at least two other squads, to test the defoliator on the planet's indigenous Lurmen colony.

However, Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Aayla Secura, Commander Bly and Captain Rex, who had crash landed on the planet earlier, found out what Lok was planning against the peaceful Lurmen village, and had set out to stop him. When the droids arrived at the colony, the Jedi enveloped the colony with a deflector shield using a pair of shield generators they had stolen from the Separatist's base camp. The defoliator could not penetrate the deflector shield, so Lok ordered Squad 1 to attack the colony, destroy the Jedi, and take down the shield generators. The first squad charged the colony, but the three Jedi and their two clone troopers were able to easily defeat the battle droids, the Jedi cutting down most of the droids with their lightsabers. After defeating Durd's forces, the Jedi were able to capture the Neimoidian and destroy the defoliator.


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