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"Squad Two and Three, attack!"
―Lok Durd[src]
Lok Durd's Squads 2 and 3

Squads 2 and 3

Squad Two was a squad of several B1 and B2 battle droids in the Separatist Droid Army that were under the command of the Neimoidian General Lok Durd. They accompanied Lok Durd to the planet of Maridun to test the Neimoidian's new artillery weapon, the defoliator, which when detonated could destroy all organic matter in the weapon's blast radius but leave mechanical objects, like the battle droids, unharmed. Soon after arriving at the planet and setting up the base camp, Durd carried out a successful first test of the Defoliator using a pair of B1 battle droids, which Squad 2 witnessed. Lok then took Squad 2, along with at least two other squads, to test the Defoliator on the planet's Lurmen colony.

However, three Jedi: Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, and Aayla Secura, along with Commander Bly and Captain Rex, which had crash landed on the planet earlier, had found out that Lok was going to destroy the Lurmen village, and had set out to stop him. When the droids arrived at the colony, the Jedi enveloped the colony with a deflector shield, using a pair of shield generators they had stolen from the Separatist's base camp. The Defoliator could not penetrate the deflector shield, so Lok ordered Squad 1 to attack the colony, destroy the Jedi, and take down the shield generators. The first squad charged the colony, but the three Jedi and their two clone troopers were able to easily defeat the battle droids, the Jedi cutting down most of the droids with their lightsabers.

Lok then ordered both Squad 2 and Squad 3 together to charge the colony the same way Squad 1 had. The Jedi fought the two squads the same way too, but this time the battle droids broke threw the Jedi line and continued on to the colony. Anakin, realizing that the droids might destroy the shield generators and leave the colony exposed, told Ahsoka and Aayla to keep fighting the droids while he went to destroy the defoliator. Meanwhile, the two squads pushed Bly and Rex, which had stayed behind to give covering fire, behind the makeshift barricade the Jedi had built earlier out of some kind of large pods. The droids blew threw the barricade and continued on to attack the colony, while the clones fired on the droids from covered positions. Aayla and Ahsoka were still attacking the battle droids, running up from behind them and attacking them while they were attacking the colony. However, they were unable to stop the droids from destroying the shield generators, deactivating the deflector shield.

With the colony now exposed, Lok Durd ordered his remaining to load the Defoliator and destroy the colony, but Anakin was running up to Lok's position. Durd ordered his droids to fire on the Jedi, but Skywalker evaded the blaster fire and destroyed the defoliator along with several of the droids guarding Lok. The Neimoidian tried to run away and escape, but the Jedi Knight captured him before he could get far. Back at the clonoy, the remainder of the second and third squads were still attacking the colony, and the village's leaders, Tee Watt Kaa, a devote pacifist, did not want his people fight the Separatists even if it meant the destruction of the entire village. However, his son Wag Too, disgusted by how is father would just sit by and watch the droids kill their people, found several other Lurmen that were willing to fight and attacked the droid. The small colonists underneath the remaining droids, tying their legs together with rope while the Republic forces distracted the battle droids. Once all the battle droids were tied together, the Lurmen pulled the droids down, while Ahsoka decapitated the droids on the ground. All the battle droids in Squad 2 and Squad 3 were destroyed during the battle.


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