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"These were mostly thermal detonators, highly volatile stuff, carried by the two demolition experts, Junkin and Squalls."
―From the writings of Rebel Alliance historian Voren Na'al, describing the Endor strike team's explosives[src]

Squalls was a soldier in the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War. He was stationed at the Alliance's headquarters of Echo Base on the planet Hoth by 3 ABY, and participated in the Battle of Hoth that year against the Galactic Empire. By the following year 4 ABY, Squalls was a commando with the rank of sergeant in the Alliance's Special Forces. That year, the Alliance planned to attack the Galactic Empire's second Death Star battlestation orbiting the Forest Moon of Endor. Squalls served as a demolition expert in the strike team assembled to go to the moon and deactivate the Death Star's protective SLD-26 planetary shield generator. The strike team successfully disabled the shield generator, allowing Alliance starfighters to destroy the Death Star.


Rebel Alliance service and Endor infiltrationEdit

"We have stolen a small Imperial shuttle. Disguised as a cargo ship and using a secret Imperial code, a strike team will land on the moon and deactivate the shield generator."
―General Crix Madine, outlining the role of the strike team in the oncoming Endor battle[src]
Strike team on Endor

The strike team upon their initial landing on Endor

Squalls served as a soldier in the Alliance to Restore the Republic's Special Forces during the Galactic Civil War, a conflict fought between the Alliance and the Galactic Empire.[1] By the year 3 ABY,[2] he served on Echo Base,[1] the Alliance High Command's headquarters on the planet Hoth,[3] under the command of Major Bren Derlin.[1]

In 3 ABY,[2] Squalls participated in the Battle of Hoth, which led to the Empire forcing the Alliance to evacuate from the planet. Following the evacuation of Hoth, Squalls remained stationed with the Alliance Fleet until[1] 4 ABY. By then,[4] Squalls had become an Alliance Special Forces commando[1] with the rank of sergeant.[4]

In 4 ABY,[4] the Alliance discovered the Empire was constructing a second Death Star battlestation in orbit of the Forest Moon of Endor, and planned to destroy the Death Star. However, in order to destroy the station, the Alliance first had to deactivate the superweapon's protective SLD-26 planetary shield generator on Endor's surface. Alliance general Han Solo assembled a strike team for the mission to Endor,[5] which was initially formed from Squalls and other Hoth veterans who served under Major Derlin. In the strike team, Squalls served as a demolitions expert alongside fellow commando[1] Sergeant[4] Junkin.[1]

With Solo as the pilot, Squalls and the rest of the strike team boarded the stolen Imperial Lambda-class T4a shuttle Tydirium in their journey to the Endor system. Once the shuttle reached the Death Star construction site, it was queried by the Imperial Super Star Destroyer Executor, which was in defensive orbit over Endor. However, Solo bypassed the Executor with the use of a stolen Imperial code, and the Executor gave the Tydirium clearance to land on the Forest Moon. After disembarking, the strike team proceeded to scout the area, but Solo and other command crew members Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and Chewbacca, along with the droids C-3PO and R2-D2, eventually became separated from the main group after encounters with the moon's Imperial scout trooper patrols. Nevertheless, Solo ordered the squad to continue on,[1][5] and the strike team made its way toward the shield generator under Derlin's lead.[6]

Victory at EndorEdit

"Take the squad ahead. We'll meet at the shield generator at 0300."
―General Han Solo to the strike team[src]

Upon nightfall, Squalls and the rest of the squad camped out in a camouflaged shallow ravine, posting two sentries and setting up a blanket grid with its scanning equipment. Shortly after the squad's first sleeping shift, the strike team's scanners detected an All Terrain Scout Transport walker moving toward their location. The squad managed to jam the walker's transmissions and disable its spotlights, before circling the walker to keep it off balance. During that maneuver, the group's medic, Corporal Delevar, fired a smoke canister into the AT-ST's cockpit window, with the resulting smoke explosion forcing the walker's crew to abandon the vehicle and surrender to the strike team. After capturing the Imperials, the squad forced the walker's pilot to make an initial comm check-in at blasterpoint. Continuing on to the rendezvous point, the squad forced the walker pilot to make several more check-ins along the way to explain the scout walker's absence.[1][6]


The strike team preparing to breach the Endor shield generator bunker

Solo and the others then rejoined the strike team, having formed an allegiance with the Ewok tribe of Bright Tree Village, who showed them a route to the shield generator bunker's backdoor. Proceeding into the structure, the commandos were ambushed and captured by Imperial troops stationed on the moon. Subsequently led outside the bunker, the strike team's capture proved short-lived, as the Ewoks attacked the Imperial troops, with the counterattack eventually turning the tide of the battle in the Alliance's favor. Retaking the bunker, the strike team successfully destroyed the shield generator[5] with the use of 7-PrG proton grenades.[7] As the Death Star's deflector shield was demolished, Alliance starfighter units managed to destroy the battlestation.[5]

Personality and traitsEdit

Squalls and the other Hoth veterans who initially formed the strike team were noted by Han Solo for their loyalty and dedication in action,[1] as well as resourcefulness and ability to devise creative situations.[8] Hardened veterans seeking revenge from their defeat at Hoth, they willingly and eagerly accepted the risks with the Endor mission.[1] While the strike team's explosives—selected by Squalls and Junkin[4]—were highly volatile material adding to the danger of their Endor mission,[1] the pair of demoliton experts volunteered to carry the explosive charges during the mission.[4] Squalls and the other initial strike team members were all masters at small-squad tactics, sabotage and night-time combat.[1][9]

Behind the scenesEdit

The character of Squalls was introduced in an excerpt discussing the Endor strike team in 1990's Galaxy Guide 5: Return of the Jedi,[1] with the information reprinted in both 1993's The Movie Trilogy Sourcebook[10] and the 1995 second edition of Galaxy Guide 5: Return of the Jedi.[11]


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