The Squib Merchandising Consortium was the center of the Squib government. It was a species-wide company that collected, refurbished, and resold garbage. Every Squib was by birth an employee of the Squib Merchandising Consortium, although the degree of involvement varied drastically. A Squib diplomat would be directly involved with company business, while the owner of a remote trading post would only have tangential connections. The head of the organization was the Illustrious Chieftain of Junkyards. For much of the Old Republic era and Imperial Period, this was a Squib named Ebareebaveebeedee.

The Squib Reclamation Fleet was a major branch of the Merchandising Consortium. The consortium manufactured the needle ships that composed the fleet, and these vessels combed the galaxy reclaiming garbage dumped by capital ships. During the Imperial era, Ebareebaveebeedee arranged to have Squibs placed aboard Imperial ships, ostensibly as slave labor. To the fleet and the consortium, however, these individuals were important spies who provided coordinates of Imperial dumpsites.

The relationship between the Squib Merchandising Consortium and the Squib Polyanarchy, another species-wide Squib government, is unclear. It is possible that these were the same organization, that one was a branch of the other, or that they had different jurisdictions.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Star Wars Databank mentions a Squib corporation called "Squib Merchandising" but gives no further information about it. It is assumed to be the same as the corporation described here.



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