"Alien scavengers, identify selfs or face quick obliteration by awesome Squib weaponry, you bet."
―Squib comm officer on the Thrifty[src]

The Squib Reclamation Fleet was an arm of the Squib Merchandising Consortium, the body that governed the Squibs. The fleet was composed primarily of tapered, Squib-designed needle ships cobbled together from pieces of salvage. Each needle ship was crewed by 20 Squibs and held enough consumables for three months. The flagship at some point before the Galactic Civil War was the Wholesale; after the Battle of Yavin, it was the Thrifty. This latter ship was the personal craft of King Ebareebaveebeedee and thus served as the Squib Momship. Squib Reclamation vessels were rarely equipped with weapons, instead relying on skilled tractor beam operation for defense.

The Squib Reclamation Fleet was a major Squib employer, and its setup was not unlike a military fleet. In fact, Squibs could be considered AWOL if they failed to report for duty. During the Imperial era, Squib laborers stationed aboard Imperial capital ships supplied the fleet with information regarding trade opportunities and coordinates whenever the ship made a garbage dump. This made them important spies in the eyes of the fleet, although the Imperials viewed them as nothing more than slaves.

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