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"Colonel Squill to all units... defend the transport!"

Squill was a Pastorian male who served as a colonel to King Siroc. He commanded an attack on a transport carrying Siroc's closest rival.


"This is Colonel Squill. He will take one of our transports through a region these terrorists have claimed as their own."

When the Resistance's Black Squadron arrived on Pastoria in order to ask King Siroc for support, the king instead introduced them to Colonel Squill, who he had assigned to command a transport through what he claimed was a region occupied by terrorists. Siroc requested that the squadron escort the transport, which they agreed to.[1]

As the transport was escorted through the area, a fleet of ships affiliated with Siroc's primary rival to the throne retaliated, believing they were being invaded by Siroc's forces. Black Leader Temmin Wexley asked Squill what the other ships were doing, and Squill declared that they were under attack, ordering his fighters to defend the transport. After a brief engagement, the enemy forces began to retreat, but Squill and his forces continued to attack, destroying their transport and killing Siroc's rival.[1]

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