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"What are squills?"
"Humanoid animals. They are vicious and cruel. You should be very careful."
―A spacer and Watto[src]

The squill was a large carnivorous creature native to the planet of Tatooine.


"I heard he plans to add squill meat to the menu. You don't want those things jumping out at you!"
Jano Bix[src]

The creature averaged 2.5 meters tall and often bore a greenish color to its leathery hide. The squills, with the exception of those in scattered nests, lived in the infamous Squill Cave, a large cavern located in the middle of the desert. The cave housed multiple different subspecies of squill, including desert squills, mountain squills, festering squills, noxious squills, and malignant squills.


Looking into the maw of a squill.

The squills were an aggressive species and could easily outrun any Human. The cave attracted adventurers looking to clear the cave and recover the priceless hides. However, many bold mercenaries lost their way in the twisting tunnels of the cave and suffered painful deaths. Common rumors stated that an elderly hermit resided deep in the cave's recesses. A group of squills was also found in the desert region, Salma, on Endor.


"Jabba's picky about salads. He will eat squill liver salad though."

Jabba the Hutt's cook, Porcellus, used livers of mountain squills from the Squill Sanctuary to make squill liver salad.[1]

The Tasty Dried Critters franchise also planned on selling squill meat. The Galactic Empire also transported squills laced with Bledsoe's disease with the intention of selling them to Rebel agents, but the plan backfired when traveling Jawas took the transport container and ate the squills, unknowingly infecting themselves with the disease.[3]



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