"Number 91406; female Rattataki; name, ah, Sraja. She's part of a classified prisoner rehabilitation program not far from here."

Sraja was a female Rattataki criminal living during the Cold War. She was imprisoned on Belsavis by the Galactic Republic until 3641 BBY when the crime lord Ivory arranged an escape for himself and his associates. Sraja was one of the few who were on his list but was unable to escape, for she was part of a classified prisoner rehabilitation program in the Experiment chamber 21 of the High Security Section. After uncovering Ivory's list, the Voidhound and Republic Marshall Kay Cavarat deduced that his associates would attempt to free Sraja, and the Voidhound rushed to intercept. The smuggler found her in a mad state, but she still managed to reveal that Ivory found a vessel to escape the planet in the Tomb. Their meeting was interrupted by arrival of a corrupt prison guard named Legat, who relayed captain's location to Dust, the bounty hunter of Rogun the Butcher. Dust shot Sraja in the head and then he and Legat attempted to kill the Voidhound.