«Another day, another credit.»
A Weequay agent in Sriluurian[src]

Sriluurian was the official language of the Sriluur system. The most notable species to speak this language was the Weequay on Sriluur.[1]

It was formed by guttural mumbles and subdued whispers. It also used hieroglyphs as a written form.[1]

The language had some special characteristics that most languages in the galaxy lacked: The Weequays could speak to one another and prevent outsiders from understanding them.

Weequays also used pheromones to communicate with each other. However, only the members of one same tribe could understand the pheromones of another Weequay. Sriluurian is a language used to communicate with people from other tribes.

Most Weequays were fluent in both Sriluurian and Basic, although they were usually only literate in their own language.[1]

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