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The Ssori were a sentient species of diminutive size, who were typically seen in mechanical suits to compensate for their stature.

Biology and appearance[]

Ssori were sentient beings with bulbous, bug-eyes, and tiny mouths with sharp teeth. Because of their diminutive size, many Ssori chose to wear mechanical suits to compensate, although others preferred to remain "pure organic". The species was capable of speaking Galactic Basic Standard.[1]


It was typical for many Ssori to be seen wearing mechanical suits to compensate for their diminutive size, although others, such as Carklin Ryoon, chose to remain "pure organic". He served as the gunner aboard Liberty's Misrule, the former Super Star Destroyer Annihilator, commanded by Captain Eleodie Maracavanya. Ryoon informed Maracavanya of the presence of three Imperial II-class Star Destroyers fleeing from the Battle of Jakku, and assisted in destroying the damaged warships.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

According to Leland Chee, the Ssori were intended to be the species of the bounty hunter Seripas from The Clone Wars series.[2] Ultimate Star Wars, New Edition later confirmed Seripas was a Ssori.[3]



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