A mawvorr ssorokk in the Or Kono Arena

"The creatures that attacked your Senator Dodonna are a Gormak abomination."

A ssorokk, alternatively known as a tech beast, cyborg beast, or cyberbeast in Basic, and more colloquially, abominations by the citizens of Voss and "a-boms" by the Exchange, was the term applied to a creature that had been cybernetically altered by the Gormak to serve as a war beast. Mug'garat brought two of the creatures to accost Bevera Dodonna and the smuggler Voidhound on behalf of Rogun the Butcher. Senator Dodonna was traumatized by the encounter and sent the Voidhound to root out the source of the beasts on Voss. Gormak Zak obtained the creatures from the Gormak and sold to off-world buyers with the help of his partner Jela Reneke, who smuggled them out in defiance of the proscription on their trade by Voss authorities. The Sith Lord Wratchen encouraged Reneke to expand the Gormak cybernetics program to focus on creatures living in the Nightmare Lands. The Voidhound killed two of these creatures along with Wratchen and Reneke, ending the program.

The bounty hunter known as Scree defeated three of the beasts in the gladiatorial arena of Gorma-Koss.

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