"What was the breakdown of the character like, the description of Akaavi before you got the role?"
"It was pretty specific. Under appearance it said 'beautiful devil woman, large and intimidating,' and under demeanor it said 'no nonsense, to the point of insanity, will kill a dozen men just to get a chance to talk.' "
"And that sounded like you?"
[Laughing] "Or is sounded like someone I'd want to be."
"So now that you've seen Akaavi, what do you think of her?"
"I think she's pretty hot. I like the red face and the horns, and I like how tough she is."
―Stacy Haiduk describes her initial look at Akaavi Spar[src]

Stacy Lynne Haiduk was the actress who portrayed the voice of the character Akaavi Spar, in Star Wars: The Old Republic. It was her first time voice acting.[2]

She was born on April 24, 1968 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.[1] She began to learn to dance in 1972 and toured nationally with a company in 1982. She also began appearing in local plays. Moving to New York City after high school, she continued dancing and acting. Her first appearance on television was on a show called Another World and her first film was Magic Sticks. Then she portrayed Lana Lang on The Adventures of Superboy.[3]

She lives in California,[3] is married,[4] and has a daughter.[5]

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