Morag defiant

Morag and her staff.

The Staff of Morag was a powerful Force-imbued object that was used by Morag the Tulgah witch. After the theft of the Sunstar, Morag placed the stone in the crux of the head of the staff, increasing its effectiveness and her own power. However, Logray, an Ewok Shaman used his own power to shatter sunstar, breaking the object into two halves. Logray escaped with the yellow half of the sunstar, while Morag was left with the purple half, the Shadowstone. With only one half of the stone, Morag still kept the Shadowstone within her staff. Following her final showdown with Logray, Morag was able to reunite the two halves of the Sunstar and place it back upon her staff. However, shortly afterward the staff was destroyed when Morag used it to activate the volcano in Mount Thunderstone.

Through the use of her staff, Morag could perform a variety of tasks ranging from the creation of energy bolts to the manipulation of other being's minds. When attempting to attack others with her staff, Morag would tap her staff on the ground, creating a long strand of energy which would chase and attack Morag's enemies. In addition, Morag could use the staff to manipulate the plant life on Endor.


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