"Something’s attacking my herd of staga beasts."
Oss Wilum — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

Staga were large, horned animals, brought to the planet Ambria by Master Thon. They had a reptilian appearance, though some had large tufts of hair covering their backs. Their skin was green, and they had thick scales, a long tail and two large, curved horns. They were generally seen in packs of two dozen or so, and often stampeded, surrounded by clouds of dust. Thon tended to them, and kept them safely tethered outside his home. He did, however, allow them to wander during the day; he would call them back with hooting cries.[1] They were transported to the planet Taanab after Thon's time, where they were used as a food source for the local population.[2] Although Staga appeared relatively harmless, they had several defense mechanisms in the form of the sharp scales, which were painful for Humans to touch, and their long horns. They were trainable, and humanoids could ride them, but they were unruly mounts at best.[3]



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