"Stagorr dwells inside Ice Mountain! Stagorr the evil Ice Demon! I myself imprisoned him there many years ago!"

Stagorr was a Force-sensitive male Ice Demon who resided on the forest moon of Endor. He had the ability to freeze surfaces with even a passing touch, as well as a remedial talent in Force lightning. Some time before the Battle of Endor, Stagorr came into conflict with the Ewok shaman, Logray. During a duel on Endor, Stagorr was soundly beaten and the Ice Demon was imprisoned within Ice Mountain under a type of spell which compelled him to stay within the confines of the frozen crags of the mountain. In his makeshift prison, Stagorr planned his revenge on Logray, waiting for the perfect opportunity to bring down the Ewok's favored magician.

Years after he had first been imprisoned in Ice Mountain, Stagorr finally found his chance for revenge. While gazing upon Bright Tree Village, Stagorr witnessed the young Ewok warrior, Wicket Wystri Warrick, testing Logray's powerful Force-imbued staff. Knowing that the Ewok would prove a powerful hostage, Stagorr transported Warrick to Ice Mountain, forcing another showdown with Logray. However, Stagorr's magic still proved inferior to the power of Logray, and the final fight trapped Stagorr and any hope he had entertained of defeating Logray.


Early life[]

"He will pay dearly for imprisoning me here, after we did mystic battle those many years ago!"

Stagorr is imprisoned within Ice Mountain.

Stagorr, a male Ice Demon, resided on the Outer Rim[2] moon Endor. He eventually discovered himself in conflict with Ewoks from Bright Tree Village. Stagorr fought the Ewoks' most powerful shaman, Logray. During the duel, Logray wielded a magical staff to great effect. Stagorr was eventually able to arrest the staff from the shaman. However, he found that the artifact burned his hand, and he was unable to wield it.[1]

With Stagorr unable to turn the tide of the battle, he was at the mercy of Logray and his abilities. The Ewok shaman used the staff to transport Stagorr into the confines of Ice Mountain. The Ice Demon was unable to escape his prison, compelled to stay by powerful Force magic. Stagorr's only window to the outside world was the ice mirror, a Force artifact that could show any location on the moon of Endor. Trapped in the mountain, Stagorr spent years gazing upon Bright Tree Village and plotting his revenge on Logray.[1]


"So the apprentice disobeys his master and toys with magic!"

Stagorr reveals himself to Wicket W. Warrick.

Several years after his encounter with Logray, Stagorr found the perfect opportunity to exact his revenge. Using his magical ice mirror to spy on Logray, Stagorr witnessed the young Ewoks Wicket Wystri Warrick, Teebo, and Princess Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka playing with the staff of Logray. Remembering the outcome of his earlier battle and the role the staff had played in his defeat, Stagorr seized the opportunity to bring the staff to Ice Mountain while Logray was away from it. Using his abilities to change the temperature of the environment, Stagorr drew the coolness from the air around Bright Tree Village, creating a heat wave. Just as Stagorr had planned, Wicket used Logray's staff to call a cool breeze from Ice Mountain.[1]

Coupled with the power of the staff, Stagorr created a Force storm which carried Warrick and the staff away from Bright Tree Village and towards Ice Mountain, releasing him at the feet of Stagorr. Seeing the staff in the grip of Warrick, Stagorr grabbed the artifact only to confirm that the staff still had the ability to burn him. Although he could still not wield the staff, Stagorr knew that Logray would come to rescue the young Ewok. Stagorr realized that without the staff, he could not hope to defeat Logray. Using a powerful spell, Stagorr put Warrick under his influence, open to the commands of Stagorr's voice. With his plan set, Stagorr watched through his ice mirror as Logray approached Ice Mountain and his eventual doom.[1]

Friend or foe[]

"Release him from your power, Stagorr or answer to me!"
"Only when you are finished old fool! And if you attempt to retrieve your staff, the young one dies!"
―Logray and Stagorr[1]

As Logray entered Ice Mountain, Stagorr sent his new slave to destroy the Ewok shaman. Horrified at his own actions, Warrick brought the powerful staff to bear on his respected teacher. However, a blast from the artifact rendered little effect on Logray; the power of the staff was unable to be turned against its own master. Even though the staff couldn't directly affect Logray, Stagorr refused to yield. He commanded Warrick to continue his assault, and the staff was used to break several stalactites from the ceiling which threatened to crush Logray. However, Logray's magic disintegrated the falling rubble, much to Warrick's delight.[1]

Stagorr finally obtains the staff of Logray.

In one final act of desperation, Stagorr had Warrick turn the staff on the walls of the mountain, creating two fearsome ice creatures powered by the staff. The creatures ran to destroy Logray, but Logray quickly turned the surface under their feet into ice. Unable to keep their balance, the two creatures crashed into each other and fell apart, no longer under the power of the staff. As his final attempt failed, Stagorr realized that he had underestimated the Ewok shaman. He would have to face Logray himself.[1]


"I see that I must meet him myself! Only this time… he will not win!"

Leaving the spot where he had carefully watched the battle, Stagorr revealed himself to Logray. Although Logray vowed to defeat Stagorr a second time, he was afraid for Warrick's safety, as the young Ewok was still under the influence of the Ice Demon's spell. With Logray at a disadvantage, Stagorr threatened to freeze Warrick with the Force if Logray would not turn the power of the staff over to him. With no other option, and Warrick's life in the balance, Logray released the spell that had kept Stagorr from wielding the staff. With the spell broken, Stagorr hoisted the powerful staff above his head, triumphant at last.[1]

With victory assured, Stagorr took time to taunt Logray before using the power of the staff on him. Unfortunately for Stagorr, Logray took the given time to secretly signal Warrick. The young Ewok warrior threw a potion of several light crystals above Stagorr's head. As the crystals ignited, creating a dazzling display of light, Stagorr laughed at the two Ewoks, not understanding what result the small trick could have. The light crystals melted the ice above Stagorr's head, creating a downpour of water upon the Ice Demon. Realizing his mistake too late, the water began to crystallize immediately on Stagorr's form. As the cold temperature of Ice Mountain froze the water, Stagorr struggled to break free, but the effect was irreversible. The powerful Ice Demon was frozen in place, creating a final monument and trap for Stagorr.[1]

Stagorr is frozen solid.


"And trapped by your own power you fiend!"

With Stagorr defeated, Warrick apologized to Logray for using his staff without permission. Logray was happy that Warrick was finally safe and no longer under the sway of Stagorr, and he cheerfully forgave him. The two Ewoks departed Ice Mountain with Logray's staff, leaving Stagorr's frozen form firmly implanted in the center of the mountain. The death of Stagorr removed one more threat to the Ewoks of Bright Tree Village, and also served as another trial in Warrick's quest towards becoming a full-fledged Ewok warrior. Warrick's ordeal with Stagorr convinced him that he was better off watching magic be performed instead of doing it himself.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"Destroy him, Wicket! The Ice Demon commands you!"

Stagorr was a particularly brutal being, and he had no hesitations about using children to meet his aims which he showed when using Warrick to attack Logray. He was also not above threatening to murder a child, and he proved this conviction when trying to secure the power of Logray's staff.[1] Stagorr also possessed a disturbed sense of humor and was known to laugh maniacally when the destruction of his enemies seemed imminent. For all the rage that Stagorr had built up toward Logray for imprisoning him, Stagorr proved astoundingly patient. He waited several years before finally enacting a plan against the Ewok shaman, preparing himself for the perfect moment. Stagorr was impressed with large displays of power, and was indifferent toward small tricks such as the light crystals which finally ended him.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

"So you don't like the cold, eh? Then beware! For anything I touch…turns to ice!"

Stagorr uses Force Lightning on Wicket W. Warrick.

Stagorr had several unique and formidable Force powers. Much the same as the Snow King who ruled the winter season,[3] Stagorr was able to control the cool winds that formulated on Ice Mountain. From his prison within the mountain, Stagorr was able to manipulate the weather at Bright Tree Village, driving off the cool winds to create a state of warmth. Along with this power, was an inherent ability to turn anything he touched into ice. This ability would spell his doom when Warrick caused melted water to fall upon him.[1]

Stagorr possessed several other Force powers. To bring Warrick to Ice Mountain, Stagorr was able to create a Force storm with the aid of the staff; the storm carried the Ewok all the way from Bright Tree Village to inside of his mountain. The final power that Stagorr was able to exercise was Force lightning, which he used on Warrick when he was feeling particularly vengeful.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Stagorr first appeared in the sixth issue of Marvel Comics's Ewoks comic series. The issue was published in March 1986, and was written by David Manak.[1]

Stagorr's abilities are explained as magic powers throughout the course of the comic.[1] However, because Ewok totem magic is explained in the Hyperspace article Castaways of Endor as unique use of the Force,[4] these magic powers are explained as typical Force powers for use in this article.


Notes and references[]

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