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The Stalgasin hive was a major hive on the planet Geonosis on the Outer Rim of the galaxy. It was also the planet's capital. Like all other hives, it consisted of spire-like mounds made of stone powder and phidna dung, with a vast underground network.[1] It was the largest of the hives, so the leader of the Stalgasin hive seemingly controlled all of Geonosis,[3] and had a Hive Guard.[4]

Upon the creation of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, an alliance of star systems who wanted to secede from the Galactic Republic, the Stalgasin hive became its first—and secret—capital. Stalgasin also housed major factories, which built battle droids, vehicles and weaponry for the Confederacy.[1] The first battle of the Clone Wars, which pitted the Confederacy against the Republic's newly acquired clone army, took place in the Arena of Justice, close to the Stalgasin hive.[5]

Queen Karina the Great was the queen of the hive, though Archduke Poggle the Lesser ran the hive in her name.[6] After Karina's death,[7] Poggle remained a hive's leader and revealed, during the Eve of Meckgin Festival after being freed from Republic captivity, that the hive had a new queen. Poggle kept his position until his death at the end of the Clone Wars. After the war, the current reigning queen appointed a successor.[2]


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