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The stalk-eyed species was a sentient species that lived throughout the galaxy.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Stalk in cantina

Two members in a cantina.

This alien species was reptilian in appearance, and appeared to average around 0.6 meters. They had distinctive stalk-mounted eyes, that appeared to be flexible and capable of looking in two directions at once. They also had a large underbite, with a number of small sharp teeth jutting up from their lower jaw.[2]

Most members of the species had four arms, although it appears some may have had only two.[3] Each of their arms ended in three-fingered hands with an opposable thumb, and their feet similarly had three toes.[2]

Presence in the galaxyEdit

Alien on Tresidiss

Two members on Tresidiss.

Two members of this species were known to work with the Hethas criminal mastermind, Gornt Seron, who was based on the planet Korbin. These two had direct contact with Seron, and appeared to be on reasonably familiar terms with him.[2] Some other members of the species lived on the planet Tresidiss, notorious for its gambling establishments run by Herglic criminal syndicates, in which they appeared to be involved.[4]

Other members of the species also lived on Derilyn in the Elrood sector.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

This species has never been named but has appeared as background individuals in at least five illustrations by Mike Vilardi for the West End Games roleplaying game sourcebooks. They appear similar in form to the Glurrgs of Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds.


Alien ISB

A member walking by an ISB terminal.

Notes and referencesEdit

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