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The Stalker was an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer of the Imperial Navy under the command of Captain Akal Zed.



The Stalker was originally assigned to search the Outer Rim Territories for new worlds to subjugate,[10] and would later become part of Moff Andal's fleet patrolling the Elrood sector.[3][9]

It would later be reassigned as part of Darth Vader's Death Squadron, his personal fleet of Star Destroyers that searched for the Alliance High Command headquarters and, more specifically for Vader, the location of Luke Skywalker.[2]

Eight months after the Battle of Yavin, the ship fought Warlord Nuso Esva's forces in the Poln system as part of Death Squadron.[6]

During Vader's post-Yavin search for Skywalker, the Stalker was responsible for launching the Viper probe droid that located Echo Base on the ice planet Hoth.[2][10] In addition to the Hoth system, the Stalker also targeted the nearby Allyuen and Tokmia systems.[11] Soon thereafter, the Stalker joined Death Squadron in its blockade of the planet during the Battle of Hoth. As the Rebellion's escape transports attempted to run the blockade, the Stalker helped to disable at least one of the fugitive ships, the GR-75 medium transport Bright Hope, the final transport to evacuate Hoth.[7]

In 4 ABY, the Stalker participated in the Battle of Endor.[2] As part of Death Squadron, the ship survived the battle. Captain Zed refused to obey the new fleet commander, Gilad Pellaeon, and decided to return to the Elrood sector with his ship.[12]

Behind the scenes[]

Galaxy Guide 3: The Empire Strikes Back identifies the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Avenger as the Star Destroyer that launched the Viper probe droid that discovered Echo Base. This appears to have been based on dialogue between Captain Lorth Needa and a subordinate that did not make the final cut of the the radio dramatization of The Empire Strikes Back.[13][14] However, the Star Wars Customizable Card Game later contradicted this, as did the PC program Star Wars: Behind the Magic and Inside the Worlds of Star Wars Trilogy. These three sources identify the Stalker as the Star Destroyer holding this distinction. Further adding to the confusion, Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary also identifies the Avenger as the Star Destroyer that launched the probe droid. Attempting to clarify the discrepancy, The Essential Atlas states that both ships were responsible for deploying probe droids, though does not state with absolute certainty which ship is seen in the film.


Accuser (left), Adjudicator (center), and Stalker (right) shortly before the Battle of Hoth


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