The Stalker was the personal shuttle of the Iktotchi assassin and Sith apprentice Darth Cognus, also known as the Huntress. She flew in this ship to the Stone Prison on Doan after capturing Darth Bane from his mansion on Ciutric IV at the orders of Princess Serra. Set Harth later attempted to steal the Stalker to flee from the Stone Prison, but Cognus found him before he could escape. During their ensuing skirmish in the hangar, Serra set off a detonator that would collapse the entire prison, and Harth quickly disabled three of the five vessels. He then threatened to destroy the remaining two—the Stalker and his own starship—which would cause both of them to die in the prison's collapse. He proposed that she allow him to escape, in which case he would leave her ship unharmed. She agreed to let him flee and then remained in the hangar until Darth Bane's arrival. Recognizing her as his captor, he made as if to attack her, but she submitted herself to him, giving him his lightsaber—which she had taken after capturing him—and offering herself to be his apprentice. He accepted, and she flew him to Ambria in the Stalker to hunt down Serra, who had tortured him in the Prison.


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