"Stalnus is unpredictable. There is no safe way to approach him."
―General Airen Cracken, Wanted by Cracken[1]

Stalnus was a Riorian male. He was an anomaly among his species as he preferred settling an argument with violence, rather than with calm reasoning. Much of his criminal career was spent in the Tendo system, where he managed to elude capture by authorities. Wanted in at least six systems, Stalnus was responsible for the deaths of two New Republic agents, with two additional agents missing in action, their fate unknown. As such, the New Republic offered a reward of thirty-five thousand credits for his capture, and his profile was included in General Airen Cracken's Wanted by Cracken dossier. Cracken recommended Stalnus be approached only by seasoned agents and, although the New Republic preferred that Stalnus be captured alive, they recommended agents to prioritize their own safety.


"We have already lost two good men, possibly more, in the effort to apprehend him."
―General Airen Cracken, Wanted by Cracken[1]

General Airen Cracken, who included Stalnus in his dossier Wanted by Cracken

Stalnus was born on his homeworld Rior[1] in 68 BBY. Sometime prior to 7 ABY,[2] he had committed several murders, with his victims including two New Republic officers who attempted to arrest him. As a result of his violent tendencies, he was wanted in at least six systems. His crimes against the New Republic included the murder of New Republic personnel, assault with intent to kill, and resisting arrest; a bounty of thirty-five thousand credits for subduing Stalnus was thus posted by the galactic government.[1]

While the deaths of the two officers was confirmed, another two had disappeared with their whereabouts unknown[1] in 7 ABY[2] when General Airen Cracken, Supreme Commander of Intelligence for the New Republic, compiled and included Stalnus in his Wanted by Cracken datafile of persons of interest to the New Republic. Cracken noted that Stalnus was known to frequent planets in the Tendo system, where the murderer had a network to warn him of approaching bounty hunters or members of law enforcement.[1]

Stalnus was to be considered armed and extremely dangerous, with the New Republic advising its agents to prioritize their well-being above the need for him to stand trial. Cracken himself added an addendum to the datafile, warning novice and inexperienced agents to keep their distance. Despite this, Cracken recommended agents take on a role as a spice dealer with good quality merchandise—Stalnus' familiarity with the drug would likely result in a violent outburst if poor quality spice was provided.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"Whether he is mentally disturbed or simply short-tempered is unknown, but he has left a trail of blood behind him and has thus far managed to evade capture."
―General Airen Cracken, Wanted by Cracken[1]

Stalnus was prone to anger, unlike the average Riorian, although it was not known whether this was due to mental instability or a simple temper. He preferred settling disputes by combat, leaving a trail of blood in his wake. Despite his tendency to act violently, he evaded capture for some time. A male who stood two-and-a-half meters tall, he had the same large red eyes shared by other members of his species.[1]

Skills and abilities[]

"The surest way to attract his attention is to pose as a spice dealer, but make sure what you're carrying is good quality, or you might get a swift introduction to Stalnus' temper."
―General Airen Cracken, Wanted by Cracken[1]

As a Riorian, Stalnus had exceptional hearing, making it hard for his enemies to sneak upon him or catch him unawares. He had a penchant for spice and was able to determine the quality of the product he received. He was a skilled combatant with a vibroaxe or with his bare hands, with at least two trained agents of the New Republic counted among his victims.[1]


"Stalnus was last seen wearing a crimson robe."
―General Airen Cracken, Wanted by Cracken[1]

Stalnus had a red robe which had a wide, flat collar. He carried a vibroaxe, a glowrod, and a comlink used to communicate with his contacts, who would make him aware of the arrival of those hunting him.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Stalnus was mentioned in Wanted by Cracken, a 1993 sourcebook for West End Games's Star Wars Roleplaying Game written by Louis J. Prosperi. In the game, Stalnus has strong melee-related bonuses.[1]


Notes and references[]

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