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"There are days, and there are days."
Teroj Kee[src]

Scavenger Rey marking the days she's spent on the planet Jakku

A standard day was a unit of time.[1] Like other "standard" time units, it was based on the cycles of the planet Coruscant, which served as the galactic capital.[2] As such, a standard day was divided into 24 standard hours, and 368 standard days made up a standard year.[3]

Within a day, a specific point in time could be expressed in terms of hours and minutes. In written form, there was no separator between the hours and minutes (e.g. 1630 meaning 16 hours and 30 minutes).[4]

The number of days could also be measured in the number of rotations. According to clone trooper Tech, there were 180 rotations in a standard cycle, which equaled 205 rotations on Kamino.[5] On Oba Diah, Marg Krim gave Rafa and Trace Martez one rotation to bring back his missing spice.[6]



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