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"This will be a day long remembered."
Darth Vader[1]

A day was a unit of time on the Galactic Standard Calendar. One day was the amount of time it took for a planet to make one complete rotation on its polar axis. Twenty-four hours was considered to be a standard day.[2]

The length of a day varied between planets. The length of day for most terrestrial planets not subjected to tidal locking was in the range of 18 to 36 standard hours. Tide-locked planets did not have days. Satellite planets - moons orbiting a gas giant - were almost always tide-locked to the gas giant they orbited. Satellites may have days several dozen hours long (as long as it takes the satellite to orbit the gas giant).[3]

During Roan Novachez's time at the Jedi academy on Coruscant, the days of the week were organized as Monoday, Duoday, Triday, Quadday, Pentaday, Hexaday and Heptaday.

Behind the scenes[]

The length of the standard day is derived from the length of one Earth day.


Since a day is a unit of time and all Star Wars novels, journals, comics, guides, and role-playing games have some interval of elapsed time, day is indirectly mentioned in almost every Star Wars source.

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