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"For almost three standard years, this war has raged. We can barely even count the numbers of the fallen."
Jedi Master Plo Koon laments the Clone Wars[1]

A standard year[1] (SY),[2] also known as a standard-year[3] or simply a year or a cycle,[4] was a measurement of time.

On Coruscant, a year was made up of 365 days of 24 hours each,[5] with no leap years.[6] The galaxy used a standardized dating system based off of the galactic capital Coruscant.[7] By the time of the New Republic, the dating system would use the Battle of Yavin as the epicenter on which to date years.[8]

On certain planets, including Lothal, a year was divided into four seasons (spring, summer, autumn, and winter) characterized by specific meteorological or climatic conditions.[9] The planet Lothal based its yearly calendar on a system known as Lothal Years.[10] A being's age was usually expressed in years.[11][12][13]

The passage of ten years was referred to as a decade,[14] whilst a hundred years was a century,[15] and a thousand years being a millennium.[16]


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