"She's a princess. Ask her for a planet."
"Or a moon. Two if they are small."
―Standro joking around with squadmates Dar Keyis and Plour Ilo[src]

Standro Jcir was a Rodian male from Rodia who served as an X-wing starfighter pilot with the New Republic Defense Force during the Galactic Civil War. In 4 ABY, Jcir joined the elite Rogue Squadron just prior to the New Republic's invasion of the Imperial controlled Brentaal system. During the invasion, Jcir—flying under the callsign "Rogue Twelve"—and his new squadron assisted Admiral Ackbar's fleet in capturing the Brentaal IV moonbase, which orbited the wealthy planet Brentaal IV. During the battle for the moon base, Rogue Squadron discovered that Brentaal IV was defended by the Empire's elite 181st TIE Fighter Wing. After the capture of the moon, Rogue Squadron attacked Brentaal IV's capital city of Vuultin to divert Imperial defense resources away from the Republic's true target, the spaceport city of Oradin. Once Oradin was secure, Rogue Squadron was again sent into Vuultin to prevent the Empire's evacuation of its wealthy citizens. During the intense starfighter combat of the skirmish, however, Jcir's X-wing was hit by fire from an Imperial anti-air gun, causing Jcir's starfighter to crash, killing the Rodian pilot.

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A male Rodian from the planet Rodia, Standro Jcir served as a T-65 X-wing starfighter pilot for the New Republic Defense Force in the Galactic Civil War against the Galactic Empire. In 4 ABY, six months after the Battle of Endor, Jcir was transferred over to the elite Rogue Squadron—under the command of Captain Wedge Antilles—stationed at the New Republic's secret Base Delta-Nine. Prior to joining the famed squadron, Jcir had fought in thirteen different combat missions for the New Republic. Along with the Humans Dar Keyis and Avan Beruss and the Tunroth Xarcce Huwla, Jcir was greeted by Captain Antilles (who was slightly late, having just left debriefing from a past mission) and was introduced to his new squadmates by Lieutenant Derek Klivian.

However, the reason Jcir and the other new Rogues had entered the squadron was because Admiral Ackbar wanted to raise Rogue Squadron to full strength for the New Republic's planned assault on the wealthy Imperial planet Brentaal IV. Jcir—given the call sign "Rogue Twelve"—and the rest of Rogue Squadron underwent four weeks worth of intensive flight holosimulations in the span of two weeks to prepare for the upcoming attack on Brentaal.

With their training complete, Rogue Squadron joined the New Republic fleet under the command of Ackbar—launching from Recopia—in capturing the Brentaal IV moonbase that orbited Brentaal IV.

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