Stanton Rendar was a male Human and the brother of Dash Rendar.


Early life and deathEdit

An ambitious young freighter pilot, Stanton worked his way up through the ranks of the family shipping company, RenTrans, unwilling to simply inherit a cushy job. He wanted to prove himself as a capable starship pilot on his own terms.

He was piloting the bulk freighter Doriella's Mystress on Coruscant when the ship's control systems failed, causing it to lose control and crash into Emperor Palpatine's private museum. Stanton was killed in the resulting explosion.

The freighter had been sabotaged by Prince Xizor, who had made an offer to the Rendars to make RenTrans a part of his company, Xizor Transport Systems. When they refused, he arranged the accident, hoping to either scare the Rendars into selling, or disgrace them in the eyes of the Emperor. Palpatine was enraged by the destruction of his museum and seized RenTrans' assets, banished the Rendars from the Core Worlds and threw their younger son Dash out of the Imperial Academy of Carida.

Human replica droidEdit

Years later, after Dash Rendar had become a smuggler and mercenary, he met Guri, a highly advanced Human replica droid (HRD) who had once worked for Xizor. When he learned of Guri's origins, he partnered with her to create Onadax Droid Technologies (ODT), a company that eventually developed a process to place the essence of a living being into an HRD. He used this technology to recreate his brother Stanton.



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