The human replica droid known as Stanton Rendar was a recreation of a deceased Human male of the same name.


Years after the original Stanton was killed in a freighter crash on Coruscant, his brother Dash met Guri, a highly advanced human replica droid (HRD). When Dash learned of Guri's origins, he partnered with her to create Onadax Droid Technologies (ODT), a company that later developed a process to place the essence of a living being into an HRD. He somehow used this technology to recreate Stanton.

The droid version of Stanton considered himself to be the true Stanton in a new body, and eventually became the head of ODT. During the Yuuzhan Vong War, Jedi Knight Jaina Solo was investigating the origins of the human replica droid that Bakuran Prime Minister Cundertol infused his essence into. Her investigation led her to ODT's headquarters on Onadax, in the Minos Cluster.

On Onadax, Solo confronted Stanton concerning the morality of granting immortality to sentients through droids and attempted to persuade him to surrender himself to the Galactic Alliance. Stanton, unconvinced, unleashed his droids on Jaina to create a diversion. The ensuing battle destroyed the ODT factory, but Stanton managed to escape.


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