Star-Wake was an Envoy-class shuttle that was used during rescue operations after the Seventh Battle of Ruusan by the Army of Light.


The Star-Wake, an Envoy-class shuttle, was a product of Tallaani Shipyards. When Jedi Lord Valenthyne Farfalla pleaded for resources for the New Sith Wars, a benefactor from Coruscant donated the shuttle to the Army of Light in the final weeks of the Ruusan campaign.

Irtanna piloted the Star-Wake upon her descent to Ruusan on one of the Army of Light's rescue missions following the detonation of the thought bomb in the catastrophic Seventh Battle of Ruusan, and her crew included Bordon and his sons, Tallo and Wend. The crew later attempted to rescue Zannah, who they believed to be a war orphan, however, the young Sith apprentice had been ordered to find a way to Onderon, and was determined to steal their shuttle. She murdered the Star-Wake's entire crew and flew the ship to Onderon to meet her Master Darth Bane there.

When the Star-Wake crashed onto Onderon, Zannah was met and challenged by the Skelda clan, a group of Beast Riders. She was saved by Darth Bane upon his return from Dxun. Later, the Star-Wake was found floating aimlessly in the Japrael sector.



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